Monday, April 25, 2005

Apache Crashing

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I had a problem with Apache crashing on WinXP (using EasyPHP 1.7). It turns out that the "mail" function, if called without a message (i.e. passing an empty string as the message) crashes. I'm not sure if this is an apache problem, an IIS problem, or whatever - but it's a good thing to rememeber.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

CVS On Modwest

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ModWest documents CVS setup here. That works fine. They also tell you how to authenticate via public/private keypairs
here, but I was not able (so far) to get that to work.

No worries: I was able to use the latest TortoiseCVS to do a checkin, getting a lot of extra messsages and having to type my password a few times - nothing backbreaking for the current time. Settings are:

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Simple Tar

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tarball on Linux
Create: tar cvzpf /tmp/destination.tar.gz /home/source
- using the mv command, put the tarball in the folder where you want the new file or folder created (i.e. if you tarballed /home/source, and you now want a "source" folder in tmp, put the tarball on the top level of /tmp)
- tar -zxvf tarball.tar.gz

tarball on Windows

Create: use 7-zip. First create the tar file, and then gzip the result.