Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Localhost FTP problems

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In the past, I had problems using IIS's FTP to work. Therefore, I used WarFTP, which was an easy setup and worked fine.

However, today, I just could not get FTPPuts to work. I was getting an Access Denied error, and had no clue what the problem was. After uninstalling and reinstalling, checking params in the server, in my Filezilla, and in my FTP code, I was still clueless.

OK, WarFTP out, IIS back in - and the same exact error! A "critical transfer error" 550, permissions. It was not IIS or WarFTP that was the problem, but the lack of write permissions for the FTP user in NTFS. Letting "everybody" write to my FTP directory fixed the problem.

Bye bye WarFTP - you've served me well - but I'll stay with IIS now till I have further problems ;->