Friday, October 12, 2007

Abandoned Carts on Credit Card Page

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On one of our client's web shops using SecPay's SECPage interface to check out (without 3D turned on - 3D = MasterCard's 'SecureCode', and Visa’s 'Verified by Visa'), we have 4.5% of users that never come back from SecPay (marked "New" in JShop), and 0.5% whose credit cards fail.

Note that "never coming back" might also indicate that they failed SecPay's pre-bank checks - SecPay does not indicate to the merchants if clients did not come back due to the pre-bank checks or because of abandoning the cart. However, it appears that the percentage that fails the pre-bank check is small compared to people who simply do not complete the order.

4.5% is actually good compared to the other web shops that I talked to. One reported 8% (SECPage with 3D turned on), another said 4-8% was "normal" (Secure Trading), and a 3rd report 10% (PayPal).

What to do when the users never come back? We send out an email after 2 hours, and then again after 10 days, with a link to help the user complete the order. In this way, we're able to get almost one third of users to complete their order. One shop (with few orders of much higher totals) follows up with phone calls to all the abandoned carts, and gets a very large percentage (well over 50%) to finish their order.