Thursday, November 10, 2005

Getting CVS Commit emails from ModWest

No comments:
- Download CVS spam from
- Upload the file to your CVS folder
- With the shell, decompress the tarball with tar -zxvf cvsspam???.tar.gz
- Rename the resulting folder "cvsspam"
- cd /cvs/CVSROOT
- chmod 777 commitinfo
- vi commitinfo, and add the line
ALL /usr/bin/ruby /cvs/cvsspam/record_lastdir.rb
- save the change
- chmod 444 commitinfo
- chmod 777 loginfo
- vi loginfo, and add the line
ALL /usr/bin/ruby /cvs/cvsspam/collect_diffs.rb --to %{sVv}
- save the loginfo
- chmod 444 loginfo
- make the directory /cvs/cvsspam/
- mv /cvs/cvsspam/cvsspam.conf /cvs/cvsspam
- ModWest's sendmail does not accept the -io option (see used by cvsspam. Remove the option from /cvs/cvsspam/cvsspam.rb
- To add more people to the send list, check the /cvs/cvsspam/cvsspam.conf file