Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Code Highlighting for Blogger

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I don't want to change my template. I don't want to pull in the code via JavaScript like gist embedding does. I just want an HTML snippet of formatted code compatible with blogger. Today I'm using to format my code. Anyone using anything better?

PHPStorm + xdebug + ScotchBox 2.0

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ScotchBox 2.0, by design, does not have xdebug installed. They give the following install instructions:

sudo apt-get install php5-xdebug
sudo service apache2 restart

Which works as far as it goes, but even successfully using PHPStorm's "Web Server Debug Validation", and installing and using the Xdebug bookmarklet, I was not able to get the debugger working.

This post gave me the insight that I needed, so I added the following code to the end of my php.ini (sudo nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini).


Restart apache (sudo service apache2 restart), run PHPStorm's "Web Server Debug Validation" again, and Bob's your uncle.

Thanks to Joao Paulo for making it simplier.

Saturday, July 11, 2015


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Vagrant boxes, linux servers, and SSH session terminals, oh my! To clean up the mess, I installed mRemoteNG, to put the PuTTY sessions in tabs. Still get to keep my custom settings... just have it all boxed up for neatness now. Recommended.

Note that there are a lot of alternatives, and I just don't have time to try them. A quick trip through Wikipedia has an article on programs, and I see a lot of people using SuperPuTTY.

I'll also have to check out KiTTY on some rainy day, but really I have no complaints with PuTTY at the moment. Should I care about KiTTY if I already have PuTTY working nice?

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Enable the PrestaShop 1.6 Smarty Debug Console

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  1. In /config/, changed _PS_MODE_DEV_ to true.
  2. In /config/, after the assignment of the $smarty variable, add the following code:
    if (defined('_PS_MODE_DEV_') && _PS_MODE_DEV_)
        $smarty->debugging = true;
  3. In the template (.tpl file) you want to see debug info, add the following line at the very end of the template
  4. MAKE SURE there is a return after {debug}
  5. In the back office / advanced parameters / performance, click the "Clear Cache" button at the top right.
  6. In the URL that you are testing, add the param SMARTY_DEBUG (e.g. http://ls/index.php?id_product=57&controller=product&SMARTY_DEBUG).
  7. Make sure that you are not getting a pop-up blocked by your browser. Once you allow the popup, you will get your console.
  8. If you are still having problems, set the "PS_SMARTY_CONSOLE" value in the configuration table to 1.

Note that San Binario wrote up an alternative method to get the debug console working which changes the core code, which I wanted to avoid. I didn't try their method... but maybe it works better for you.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

PHPStorm Autocomplete for PrestaShop Classes

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Hmmm, doing a find in files for "public static function isInt" to try to find the validation class (or optionally hitting ctrl+N and looking for the ValidateCore class) is not what I want... I want autocomplete for Validate::(I need the "isDecimal" version).

Julien Bourdeau has the solution, PhpStorm-PrestaShop-Autocomplete. Quick install and just works. Thanks, Julien!

Ah! It's "Validate::isFloat".

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

PrestaShop Admin Area Hook Error Reporting

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I needed to validate data, report any errors found, and stop the submission of the form while developing a module for the PrestaShop 1.6(.0.14) admin area. However, the documentation was a bit thin on how to do this, and I needed quite a bit of digging before I found what I needed.

I can only tell you 100% for sure that this works for the actionProductUpdate hook, but I imagine it's valid everywhere. Here's a quick snippet to show you the general idea....
public function hookActionProductUpdate($params)
  if (!Validate::isInt (Tools::getValue('pwr_start')))
    $this->context->controller->errors[] = "Ya screwed up!";

There are 3 main things you want to take note of:
  • Use the Validate class to validate your input data
  • Use Tools::getValue instead of directly pulling things from $_GET / $_POST. This does some light purification of the input data.
  • If you want to stop the submit of the form, add the error to the controller's error list. Unfortunately, this is only reported at the top of the form.