Thursday, April 13, 2006

Selenium IDE

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When tracking down my "system" php call bug, I needed to register a user again and again and again. After the first dozen times or so, I looked for macros for FireFox, and found Selenium IDE, which did the trick for me. The only "trick" you need to know is that the record button is the little red one to the RIGHT of the toolbar. Otherwise, it's all pretty intuitive.

php system call problems

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Using something like...
system ("C:\\cool.exe C:\\coolfile.cfl", $returnVal);
simply does not work, and simply gives a returnVal of 1. Nothing in the php error log even with all errors turned on, nothing in the system log, and a "file not found" error returned by using some suggestions from the system documnentation page (something like echo system("(".$SysCmd." > /dev/null) 3>&1 1>&2 2>&3", $Ret);). I tried a million combinations, and they worked on the cmd line, but failed with system.

system ("C:/cool.exe C:/coolfile.cfl", $returnVal);

My new rule is to always use forward slashes with system.