Monday, September 25, 2006

Zend (javaw.exe) using 100% CPU

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Many thanks to Alberto Miranda who gave me the solution to a grave problem - Zend Studio 5.2.0 suddenly (without me changing anything that I'm aware of) started using close to 100% of CPU time (actually, the Zend process no - it was the javaw.exe process - but it was spawned by Zend). I used Alberto's solution (unchecking the "Use OS Look and Feel" option in the Zend preferences) and, after rebooting the computer and rebooting Zend (which was DEAD slow until it was fully launched) fixed the problem. Alberto, m'man, I owe you unas copas!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Generating Euro and Dollar Prices from Pounds

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JSHOP: I wrote a file called amex_setPrices.php for the Lensbase site (in the admin folder) which sets price according to the following formula:
//Start: Price with VAT (e.g. EasySEPT, £18.00)
//Remove tax (VAT): £15.31
//Multiply by tax (VAT) rate: 15.31 * 119% = 18.22
//Multiply by exchange rate: 18.22 * 1.55 EUR = 28.24
//Round TO NEAREST DOLLAR (e.g. 28.2 = 28, 28.5 = 29): €28
I needed to apply this to both the $tableProducts, and a variation for $tableAdvancedPricing.
Checked into the LB source code.