Friday, May 29, 2015

Adjustable Height Desks - cheaper version

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Ever since I started reading about it years ago, the idea of an adjustable height desk really intrigued me. Back when I wanted to be a writer, I remember reading about Hemingway using a standing desk, and I've since learned that luminaries such as Ben Franklin and Winston Churchill did the same.

I badly wanted to switch both myself and my staff to adjustable height desks, but could never convince myself to pay the cost. However, in 2012, Susana was able to buy motor driven adjustable height tables for everyone at 443 EUR each from These tables have been great for sitting less, and also for breaking up the day.

Standing can be overused (standing for long periods of time can cause varicose veins), and I could not find any long term, detailed studies that back up claims that switching between sitting and standing is healthier and makes you more productive (the standard claims), but I do like having the option to switch between both, and I DO feel that it makes me healthier and more productive.

When I was on my flight back from Düsseldorf yesterday via Air Berlin, I saw an ad for Veridesk that I wish I had seen back before we bought our desks. If you want the benefits of a standing desk without as much cost, then Veridesk might be a useful alternative.

Hmm... looking at their site, maybe I should look into getting a standing mat....