Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Machine Install

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Some of this software can be found on \\SERVER2003\Permanent\Software Depot
  • Araxis Merge (Software Depot - use serial number NOT reserved for Ed)
  • Allnetic time tracker
  • VS.NET 2003 (all options)
  • Visual Assist (\\server2003\Permanent\Software Depot\Utils\Visual Assist) - see the read me.
  • EasyPHP ( set up the files to be servered from a folder called "CVSData" in your "My Documents" folder.
  • TortoiseCVS (
  • Office (the version that you DON'T have to register)
  • 7Zip ( Winzip is also fine, but 7zip needed for shared Linux stuff
  • FileMaker Developer (Ed has CD)
  • Seagull FTP (look in internet)
  • WinSCP
  • Zend client & server (IMPORTANT!!! EasyPHP first. trial version to start)
  • Dreamweaver (trial version to start)
  • Putty and associated tools. See
  • Install “Send To Tools” from If it’s not available there, there’s a version on \\server2003\Permanent\Software Depot\Utils
  • Cropper (screen dump utility)
  • UltraVNC
  • K-FTP (needed to build AmexImportExport) on Software Depot / utils / K-FTP
  • MySQL Connector/Net (formerly ByteFX - C# ADO.NET for MySQL)
  • Create a "FileMaker" DNS for ODBC (from the control panel). See FileMaker help for details. Increase max size setting to 1024.
  • Set up an FTP server for IIS. Also, make sure that the IIS server, if running, is NOT on Port 80 (80 needed for EasyPHP).
  • "Install" the 24U Simple Dialog plug in by following the instructions at \\server2003\Permanent\Software Depot\Plug-ins\24U Simple Dialog FM Plugin\readme.txt