Sunday, February 14, 2016

Missing sqlite.dll when launching Navicat

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Note to self: "Missing required library sqlite.dll, 998" when starting Navicat: I have no idea what caused it, and reinstalling did not fix it, but this article let me practice my (pathetic) Germany, and gave me the solution to the problem - restarting the computer fixed it.
Posting since the majority of sites that talked about the problems did not include a solution.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

PrestaShop Gamification / Merchant Expertise SQL Errors

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Quick Note: I added an override to the DbCore class yesterday after discovering that malformed queries fail silently. For example:

$resource = Db::getInstance()->query(
      "select * frommmmmmmmmmm ps_orders");
while ($data_row = 
      Db::getInstance()->nextRow($resource)) {
   //Do Important Stuff

Would simply fail to work, without logging anything.

[Yes, I hear you, I should have checked the value of $resource before starting the while loop, and I agree. However, note that the official PrestaShop docs say that query "Will not return a boolean; instead returns a database resource that you can use with other DB class methods, such as nextRow()". [Ed: Not true! query returns false on SQL syntax errors]]

[I have _PS_MODE_DEV_ on while developing, which catches the error in the example, but my problem was with code that I accidentally typed two letters when my focus was on the wrong window before committing. And yes, I hear you, I should have noticed that when doing my git commit.]

Once I am happy with my override, and the associated iterator I added to make code like the above cleaner and safer, I will blog about the classes. However, in the meantime, I can tell you that my override sends DB errors to the PHP error log, and that the log this morning was filled with stack crawls of SQL errors from the gamification module. I've verified that these errors exist in a virgin install of PrestaShop, and I will use these instructions (thanks, Oskar!) to disable the module.

I also reported the errors.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

My 5 Most Read Tech Articles

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January was a "bad" month... my tech blog, which I use mostly to talk to myself, got more non-paid traffic than our e-commerce site. Trends say this is a very temporary situation (and let's hope that's true!), but it was a bit depressing anyway.

To celebrate, I've included the top 5 read articles from this blog for the month of January, 2016.

  1. PrestaShop 1.5/1.6 and the Google Tag Manager (May, 2015)
    Makes sense, I was surprised a module like this isn't included in PrestaShop by default. A surprising number of site are now using it.
  2. PHPStorm + xdebug + ScotchBox 2.0 (Jul, 2015)
    This came out of my summer love affair with Vagrant / ScotchBox, which I moved away from due to Windows 10 problems.
  3. PayPal Auto Return with PrestaShop (Nov, 2015)
    This goes hand in hand with the PrestaShop GTM module. It's needed to insure transactions get tracked.
  4. Enable the PrestaShop 1.6 Smarty Debug Console (Jul, 2015)
    Again, I was surprised this even needed to be researched... it should be easily enabled.
  5. Programmatically Importing Product with Images in Magento (Jun, 2009)
    The article that would not die. I don't know if it's still applicable, but for sure it's still read. I think I will add a warning to it to make sure people realize it was written centuries ago.
My favorite blog article in January, excluding my blog of course :->, came from L3's Peter O'Neil. Understanding your Website Visitors: Prospects vs Customers is a must have for your Google Analytics setup. I have to work though all the technical articles on his blog, there are others that look juicy, too.