Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Compiles that go to the client

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Whenever a version goes to a client, we NEED to

1) do a checkin
2) Build a release version to send to the client
2) tag the state of the program (and any satellite programs) with the version number of the release version sent to the client (and program name, if a satellite version).

Example: you change SupplierChecker for SNR. When everything is working, you check in the code, build a release version (noting the version number), and send it to SNR. Immediately afterwards, you tag SupplierChecker and AmexCommon (which is also used by SupplierChecker) with the tag "SupplierChecker 1.0.xxxx.yyyy (where xxxx and yyyy are the other parts of the version number of the release version sent to SNR).


Why do we do this? When e.g. SNR calls and says he has a bug, we can check the EXACT code that he was using. Also, if you've started new changes, you can always go back to a version WITHOUT the new changes to quickly correct a bug.