Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Windows PuTTY Tips

  • Make a .reg file with your color scheme and font to easily apply it to new sessions (since the default dark blue folder names on black background is just a pain in the butt). Just add the name of the session and run the .reg file. I use the zenburn color theme with a larger font.
    I also change my LineCodePage to UTF-8, which is necessary on CentOS7 - ymmv.
    Here is a gist of my customized zenburn.
  • F6 gets you the tilde character in putty (useful for non-US keyboards), which is the path to your home directory.
  • nano ~/.bashrc opens a file where you can define aliases to make your work easier. Of course, this will only be available on the machine you are working on, but if you work on the machine a lot, it's well worth the time to make aliases. Much, much more can be added... search bashrc some day when you're bored
  • I like: alias dir="ls -CFhal"
  • Also, alias bashrc="nano ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc && { echo -e 'Success--'; cat ~/.bashrc; } | mail -s 'bashrc backup' ''". This open bashrc for editing, puts any changes you make live, and emails you the script so you have a backup. Like, wow!
  • Add scripts to bashrc, which are available from the command line. To backup a file by sending it to an email address (always a good idea before you make any changes to files via the shell), add this to .bashrc
    bufile() {
            { cat $file_to_backup; }  | mail -s "'$file_to_backup' Backup" ''

    ...and then call it from the shell
    bufile index.php

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