Monday, November 02, 2015

How to Make a Copy of the Prestashop 1.6 Bank wire Module

In order to make a copy of the Bank wire module (making a Bank transfer module, in my case), I did the following.
  • Make a copy of the \modules\bankwire\ folder and replace the name "wire" in all the file names to "transfer"
  • Search and replace (case sensitive) all instances of "wire" in the \modules\bankwire\ to "transfer"
  • Make copies of bankwire files in \mail and switch the names of the files, and the contents, from wire to transfer.
  • Make a copy of the bankwire folder in \{your_theme}\modules\, and rename the folder banktransfer
  • Search and replace (case sensitive) all instances of "wire" in the files in the \{your_theme}\modules\bankwire\ directory to "transfer"
  • Delete all files (EXCEPT index.php) from /{your_theme}/modules/banktransfer/translations/
  • Add PS_OS_BANKTRANSFER (I used value 99) to the configuration table, imitating PS_OS_BANKWIRE
  • Add values to order_state and order_state_lang imitating bankwire, using the same id_order_state value as PS_OS_BANKWIRE (99 in my case)

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