Thursday, March 24, 2016

In Search of the Lost MailChimp API v3 PHP Wrapper

After spending some time deciding "MailChimp or some other service", for various reasons I decided to stay with MailChimp, especially since it's free for me at the current time. I dug into the docs, and immediately detect that MailChimp has moved from v2 of their API to the new v3, as of the spring of 2015. Since v2 will be turned off at the end of 2016, v3 was the logical choice.

Is there a wrapper? Let's see lists wrappers for a bunch of languages... but no mention of wrappers for v3.

When I reached out to MailChimp, they said:
"Because API v3.0 recently reached feature parity [emphasis mine] with previous versions, we haven't been able to set up any resources to promoting wrappers API 3.0. With said, our developers are working on improving our API 3.0 experience for our users, and if you'd like to check in on any feature updates or news relating to 3.0, please be sure to head to our Road map page below and sign up to receive our API announcements.
Going forward, while we don't have any documentations of various 3.0 wrappers, github would be a good resource to find any v3.0 wrappers that can be used."

Since Drew McLellan has updated his PHP API wrapper to v3, and his component is mentioned on the MailChimp site (listed as a v2 component), and since his component has more stars and downloads on, I will go with that wrapper to start.

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